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Astoria is a neighborhood located in the New York City Borough of Queens. It’s a middle class and commercial community, bounded by the East River, and it borders with three other neighborhoods, Long Island, Sunnyside, and Woodside. Astoria is a small district with a population of nearly 80000.

Currently, most of Astoria’s waterfront is being revitalized, historic neighborhoods are being brought back to life.

Is Astoria Queens Safe?

Astoria NYC

Astoria NYC

For some years now, Astoria has been given the title of “Up and Coming” community. More businesses are moving into the neighborhood. As well as a younger demographic is starting to settle in. Safe to safe, Astoria has been growing exponentially.

When compared to other neighborhoods like Bushwick, Williamsburg, and East Village, Astoria is pretty safe, and it is a great place to live in.

Astoria Queens Apartments

Astoria has quickly become one of the most up and coming neighborhoods in Queens over the last few years. Many young entrepreneurs have “rediscovered” this exciting community, attracted by its potential. Reasons for choosing to buy or rent an apartment in Astoria are plentiful, its proximity to Midtown Manhattan, rent it’s still reasonable and has a strong culinary culture. It is the home to the Bohemian Hall, the Museum of Moving Image, and of course Astoria Park.

At the time of writing real estate website, Zillow had 345 Apartment listed for rent.

Living in Astoria Queens.

Astoria has truly changed over the past five years. Especially since most people can’t afford rent in Brooklyn. Those who just move in considered living in Astoria to be a breath of fresh air and a nice change of pace. There are many advantages of residing in this neighborhood, an excellent school system, affordable rent, it is one of the safer in New York City.

Astoria Queens Things to Do.

Astoria is a neighborhood that is constantly evolving, young entrepreneurs have taken the community by storm. Trendy restaurants and bars have multiplied in recent years, everywhere you look there street festivals celebrating the many ethnic backgrounds of the neighborhood. When visiting Astoria no one can skip a walk through Astoria Park, entrance is free, there is a pool and an awesome view.

Astoria Queens Restaurants.

Tourists wanting to enjoy the best culinary scene in Queens must absolutely pay a visit to Astoria. From Ramen shops to Steakhouses, the culinary scene at this Queens’ neighborhood is truly the best in the entire Borough. The cuisine is as varied as the ethnic groups that make up the community.

Astoria Queens Events.

Not a day goes by in the culturally-riched community of Astoria without a street festival stealing all the attention of the locals. The neighborhood has multiple famous venues hosting a variety of events. Starting on July 23rd there’s “Supporting a Diverse Workforce.” September 6th the Off-Off Broadway play The Lion Winter opens at the Demke-Milligan Studio.

Astoria Queens News.

Astoria Queens is a peaceful, culturally-rich, growing community, and most the most part is a quiet neighborhood. Recent headlines in the news include the completion of the expansion of the East Elmhurst Library, Astoria Park pool will open on Thursday, Astoria’s firework show will take place on Thursday and more than 20000 attendees are expected. The Astoria Post is the community preferred source of local news.

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