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Bronx Zoo

Bronx Zoo
The Bronx Zoo in New York is the largest zoo in the world and is located in Bronx Park, south of the New York Botanical Garden, in Bronx NY.

It is one of the most popular attractions in this area of New York. With more than 100 years since its inauguration

Bronx Zoo prices

General Admission Ticket is good for admission to exhibits, including the world of birds, the world of reptiles, Himalayan Mountains, plains of Africa, Madagascar, and feeding of sea lions.

It costs $ $22.95 for adults

$20.95 for seniors over 62

$14.95 for children ages from 3 to12

Free for children under 2

In addition, the Wild Asia monorail, the Congo infant zoo gorilla forest and the butterfly garden each require an additional entrance fee, or you can only purchase a Total experience ticket that includes them all.

Bronx zoo animals

When it opened in 1899, the zoo housed 843 animals. Nowadays the number is in the 4,000 animal from more than 600 different species, including some that are in extinction. In addition, the place is enormous, since it has more than 285 hectares, thus guaranteeing an interesting and diversified tour for the whole family.

The zoo is divided into areas; the most sought among them is the African Plains, which reproduces a safari environment and full of the main native species of the African continent, such as giraffes, zebras, elephants, and lions.

Lone city polar bear plays in a swimming pool, giraffes graze on tree leaves and gorillas breastfeeding their babies. Birds fly overhead, peacocks wander through pedestrian paths and tigers roam behind security glass.

In addition to the African Plains, other famous areas of the site are the Congo Gorilla Forest, a forest environment where the gorillas are, Moreover, the World of Reptiles, where snakes, alligators, and other reptiles are found.

No doubt, Congo Gorilla Forest is one of the highlights of the zoo, as it is possible to watch and interact with the gorillas through an ultra thick and safe glass wall.

In 1999 the zoo recreated a Central African forest for western gorillas and chucks. The indoor-outdoor exposure allows visitors to feel that they are walking through the forest, with waterfalls, tree tunnels, and lush ferns all around.

There are also:
( Langur) which is a type of monkey, Black leopards, Indian rhinos, Asian elephants, Red pandas, and Malaysian tapir (a four-legged mammal).

Bronx zoo map

As soon as you arrive at the zoo, you can find a very useful and easy map to facilitate the tour of the visitors and to help them go to the attraction places. It is important to follow the map and be careful so not to lose.

Let’s tell you the most important points at the map:

First, there are several entries. You can enter from any portal that suits you depending on where you are staying.

Wild Asia Monorail

The Wild Asia Monorail was inaugurated in 1977 and the tour consists of a walk through mudslides, pastures, forests, and rivers that reproduce the landscapes of Asia.

You stay the whole time, about 20 minutes, inside a train that runs on a 2.6 km monorail. The seats are facing the left side, so you do not have to turn around to see the animals. All the time the train driver is explaining and pointing to the points of interest. Some of the animals can only be seen on this tour, such as the Indian elephant and various mammals of the Asian continent.


Another tour of Asia, JungleWorld simulates various environments in an enclosed space. There are about 800 animals of various species, including otters, tree kangaroos, tapirs and other nice critters such as beetles, scorpions, and toads. The JungleWorld was opened in 1985. It is the largest structure of the zoo with 4,000 m 2 and 17 m high. You can pass through a volcanic forest, a mangrove forest, a rainforest, plains with giant trees, a region of mountains and typical museum galleries.

Africa Plains

You can see several animals in the African Plains, such as lions, wild dogs, gazelles, giraffes, and others. The place opened in 1941. It was the first in the country to allow visitors to see predators in a natural environment.

Congo Gorilla Forest

Congo Gorilla Forest is an unusual space that reproduces a rainforest includes Angolan monkeys, marmosets, and various gorillas.

Zoo Center

It was built to look like a palace in 1908, the Zoo Center is the most beautiful building in the zoo. You can find the largest reptiles, including the Komodo dragon. and Rhinos. Next door, there is another wonderful place called Children’s Zoo, where children can interact directly with some species of animals such as sloths, squirrel monkeys, otters, and others.


Madagascar was inaugurated in 2008 and recreates various environments found on the island with inhabitants such as lemurs, porcupines, crocodiles, and turtles.

Sea Bird Aviary Penguins

The Aquatic Bird House opened in 1964 and is inhabited by several American birds. The outer space has a lagoon with flamingos and geese, as well as a nursery for storks.

Tiger Mountain

Tiger Mountain emerged in 2003 .It gives guests the opportunity to see Siberian tigers at eye level. It also teaches the importance of conservation and the dangers of poaching.

Grizzly Bears

This area has different species of bears, including a polar and some grizzly.

Bronx zoo Wednesday

On Wednesdays, the General Admission is free or any amount as a gift.

Bronx Zoo Events

June 1 is International dinosaur day

Spend a prehistoric day. Guided tour to learn about past animals like dinosaurs and present animals, In addition, help you discover the connection between animals at the zoo.

JUN 14 Brew at the Zoo

Enjoy over 100 varieties of beer and wine, dancing, music, and the resident party animals. Tickets were for ages over 21.

APR27 WCS Run for the Wild

5k and Family Fun Run. Presented by Con Edison

The idea of this event came from giraffes, with their towering heights of up to 20 feet. Giraffes are iconic, beloved and endangered.

Bronx Zoo Exhibits

Children’s zoo (seasonal)
Congo Gorilla forest
Butterfly garden (seasonal)

Bronx Zoo Hours

Opening hours

• April 6 – November 2/ 2019
• Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
• Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Bronx Zoo Elephant

An animal rights group initiated legal action against the zoo claiming that Happy, a 47-year-old Asian elephant had rights similar to those of a human being and that he was being illegally imprisoned in a cage after closing the exhibition 12 years ago.

The group contends that Happy, a 47-year-old Asian elephant who remains isolated, has been illegally imprisoned at the zoo and applied to a judge of the Supreme Court of the state of NY for a writ of habeas corpus on her behalf.

Zoo director Jim Breheny said that the Nonhuman Rights Project is exploiting the elephants to promote their own failed cause in the courts.

Happy was brought to the in 1977 with a companion elephant named Grumpy. In 2002, Grumpy was sacrificed after being attacked there by two other elephants.

The zoo separated Happy and brought another elephant named Sammie. In 2006, Sammie was euthanized after kidney failure. That same year, the zoo closed its exhibition of captive elephants.
Happy spends most of his time indoors in a place of detention with cages, according to the lawsuit, which seeks to transfer it to an animal sanctuary.

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