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Flushing Meadows Corona Park

Flushing Meadows Corona Park is one of New York’s largest public parks, located in Queens and known for its immense green area where people enjoy hiking and picnicking. In addition, the park is near to other tourist attractions in the area. It includes a Zoo, a navigable lake, a baseball stadium, and Queens Botanical Garden. The park is ideal for hiking and outdoor exercises. It has an area of 3.63 square km and has many national and international sports venues.
It has famous landmarks such as the Unisphere, which built especially for the 1964 World’s Fair.
This stainless steel sculpture was designed to represent the globe and celebrate the space age being promoted in the period. Nowadays, the grandeur of the monument attracts the attention of those who visit the place, making it a must visit for tourists passing through the park.
In addition to the Unisphere, the New York Pavilion with its towers remains.
This was a structure designed by the renowned American architect Philip Johnson, inspired by the launch platforms of space rockets. The set had an amphitheater and a circular plaza, crowned by the lookout towers.
There is an interesting option for visitors interested in history, which is to go through the Queens Museum, inside the park so, you can learn more about the history of the region and get a glimpse of the importance of the neighborhood to the city.

Flushing Meadows Corona Park
If you are traveling with children, you may also be interested in visiting the other museum in the park: the New York Hall of Science.
The park hosts important sports facilities such as Citi Field Stadium, the modern headquarters of the New York Mets.
It also houses the National Tennis Center, where the US Open takes place in late summer in New York.
The park is open 24 hours, visiting it at night is not a good idea. It is easy to get lost because of its enormous extension and does not have a good security system.
It is a peaceful place, ideal to walk quietly, lie on the grass and watch the planes take off from the nearby JFK and La Guardia.

Flushing meadows Corona park events 2019

June 7 Free Outdoor Fitness Classes at the Unisphere
June 23 Parks for Pollinators BioBlitz
June 23 Only in Queens
June 30 Public Art Unveiling + Performance
July 2 Nature Nick’s Animal Adventure
July 9 MUSIC TOGETHER with Music and me
July 10 Movies in the Park: Ralph Breaks the Internet
July 12 Silent Disco
July 16 Mad Science: The Summertime Rocket Show
July 17 Movies in the Park: Mary Poppins Returns
July 19 Salsa Warriors
July 23 Puppets in the Park: Bessie’s Big Shot
July 24 Shakespeare in the Park


Flushing Meadow Park is the second largest park in New York, located in the center of the Queens district.
Avery Avenue and 131 Street, Flushing
Queens, NY 11355

Flushing Meadows Corona park pool

In all seasons of the year, winter spring summer and fall people of all ages go to the Flushing Meadows-Corona Park pool.
The swimming pool is a 50-by-25-meter, divided into three swimming and diving areas by bulkheads, available to those with an NYC recreation center membership.

Flushing Meadows Corona park parking

Closest garages for Flushing Meadows Corona Park are:
• US Open Parking by bridge
Address: 14 Ederle Promenade, Flushing, NY 11367, USA
• 111-26 Corona Ave Parking
Address: 111-26 Corona Ave, Corona, NY 11368, USA
• SP+ Parking
Address: 47-01 111th St, Corona, NY 11368, USA

Flushing Meadows Corona park bbq area

Barbecue is one of the oldest ways to prepare food. Grilling time is always fun in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, families spend it to enjoy and make delicious food. Everyone can do it in the summer, but even winter barbecues can be very romantic.
You can enjoy a safe barbecue by following some tips:
• Barbeque away from children and animals
• clean the area carefully before you leave
• Do not barbeque near trees, tree roots, and buildings.
• Barbeque is not allowed for people under 18
• Get rid of coal in designated red barrels
• Do not place anything flammable in a regular litter vat
• Be away from the ground during the barbecue about three feet

Flushing Meadows Corona park cherry blossom

It is an annual festival to celebrate the cherry trees at Flushing Meadows Corona Park that tries to reflect the life of a whole region, both past, and future.
The flowering of the cherry trees does not occur every year on a fixed date, but it can vary depending on the weather conditions, it is normal to occur between March 20 and April 10, approximately.
The Cherry Blossom Festival is above all a popular celebration, which distinguished by Japanese folk dance, live drum performances (Taiko), a traditional Japanese chorus, and a tea ceremony.

Flushing Meadows Corona park ice skating

We cannot feel winter without ice-skating in New York. When the winter season arrives in New York and, with temperatures dropping, ice skating becomes one of the coolest programs to do in the city during the cold.
Ice skating area is a unique and wonderful facility with 85 feet and wide by 200 feet long or 17,000 square feet.
Also, it is home to the only speed skating club in the city and offers skating programs to the public and free skate hours all year

Flushing Meadows park zoo

A very popular zoo has animals from North and South America. Eagles, bison, sea lions, pumas, Andean bears, alligators, and parrots. It is home to birds from all over the Western Hemisphere.
In addition, it includes the largest petting area in the tri-state area.
The park zoo was closed in 1988 and reopened in 1992.
It is perfect for a family with young kids who want to walk around the whole time.
Also, it is wonderful for couples and friends.

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