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Meet our Staff: Director of Investigations and Technology

New York State Department of State License: 11000208411

Kieffer has worked as an investigator since the year 2000, when he began his career as an Undercover Investigator for several firms investigating internal operational discrepancies, employee sabotage, safety violations, corporate espionage, harassment, shrinkage and many other corporate issues. During this time, he served as an Auxiliary Police Officer at the NYPD 17th Precinct. After obtaining his Federal Security Clearance, he embarked in a contracting career with the Department of Justice working with several Federal law-enforcement agencies, Assistant US Attorneys, District Attorneys and local Police Department task-forces administered by the DOJ throughout the US.

New York Department of Consumer Affairs License: 2085988DCA

He earned a Bachelor's Degree in computer Network Operations and Security, and achieved certifications from several respected certifying bodies such as Cisco and CompTia relating to Computer Networking, Security and Web Development. He was a freelance Marketer and IT Project Manager for several successful companies, and was often hired to help businesses thrive by enhancing their websites, online marketing efforts, and developing software as well as coding trading algorithms for clients in the financial industry.

Kieffer is the Director of Investigations and Technology at TIO Square, New York’s premiere Private Investigation agency. TIO Square combines the latest in Technology with the most talented Private Investigators in the industry. He is currently completing a Masters Degree in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance from Western Governors University.

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