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As one of the seven boroughs of New York, Brooklyn stands as the most culturally rich and populated of them all. It has an estimated population of approximately 2.6 million people, and it is by far the most recognizable parts of New York, featured in movies, TV shows, and comic book publications. It is also the birth place of Hollywood celebrities Anne Hathaway, Jerry Seinfeld, Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, and the late Joan Rivers.

Brooklyn is a cultural hub, with many of its neighborhoods being ethnic enclaves. Amongst its most famous landmarks are the Brooklyn Museum, the Botanic Garden, the Soldier’s and Sailor’s Arch, Coney Island, and the George Washington Bridge.

Just as the borough has grown so exponentially, so have the legal needs as well. One, in particular, is the need for fast, reliable, and efficient process servers.

What is a Process Server?

If you are in the middle of a legal situation and you suddenly hear the words “Process Server,” and you don’t know what it is for or what they do, you have come to the right place.

The term process server is one that is familiar to those involved in the legal field, but to those outside it, is practically unknown.

To understand the concept of process server, one must first understand why such a service is rendered necessary for the completion of certain legal processes. Due process is a constitutional privilege. This means that every citizen has the right to be informed or being summoned.

Process servers were originally conceived to be messengers, notifying the citizens about their constitutional right to due process by “serving” them with notifications regarding the legal status that concerns them.

Process servers are an integral part of the legal system, and they are involved in a wide array of tasks, like serving or retrieving legal documents as well as filing court papers.

However, their main purpose is to deliver legal documents to the defendants or anyone else involved in a court case. After they have notified the interested party, process servers have to “prove” that they deliver the legal documents. They do this by signing an affidavit of service, also known as “proof of service,” which is later notarized and given to the party that requested the documents to be served. Process servers are legally bound to state laws regarding serving legal papers. These laws differ from state to state, which is why each process serving company has its own way of delivering documents.

Why is service of process important?

There are plenty of reasons why service of process is important, but ensuring that the due process of the law gets uphold is the main reason. Additionally, process servers are an integral part of our society because they make sure legal documentation are delivered efficiently and in a timely manner, helping the wheel of justice to keep moving. If these legal papers aren’t delivered in time, the entire process falls apart, and the courts can’t rule on cases.

Process Server in Brooklyn NY

Brooklyn, NY

Server process or service of process is a necessary step in the Brooklyn judicial circuit. It is a procedure meant to give notice to legal actions against another party known as the defendant, in order to fully exercise jurisdiction over the defendant, allowing them to give a proper response about the proceeding before the court. Notice is accomplished by delivering legal papers or “process.”

As the most populous borough of New York, Brooklyn has a high number of process server companies to choose from. They will deliver all sorts of legal documentation, like summons and complaints, family court papers, subpoenas, divorce papers, citations, claims, petitions, motions, notices, discovery documents, among others. These companies offer comprehensive services including federal, state, and city agencies, the general public, law firms, and attorneys within Brooklyn, NY.

Even though some of these companies are national brands, they employ local process servers in Brooklyn, allowing them to provide their professional services without delay. Process serving companies usually offer four different types of services in Brooklyn.

  • Routine: Regular deliverance of legal papers.
  • Rush: Usually done the day after the service is requested.
  • Same Day: The documents are served on the day the service was requested.

The difference between the above services is the start time. In accordance with Brooklyn’s regulations, process server is carried out in three attempts, morning, afternoon, and evening.

  • Stake-Out: Process server will be carried out on the time and duration you’ve selected.

Brooklyn Proof of Service

Most process servers in Brooklyn offer GPS affidavits of service, real-time email updates, and copy of affidavit before mailing.

Process server of court papers in Brooklyn is carried out by experienced servers, fully qualified, licensed, and in accordance with the latest requirements imposed by the Brooklyn judicial circuit. A key component of process server is finding the defendant or the witness no matter how evasive they are.

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