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Private Investigator Services to Catch a Cheating Spouse

For a Private Investigator, one of the most emotionally sensitive cases to work for a client is the Infidelity, often called the Cheating Spouse case. The difficulty comes into play when the investigator has to break the news to the client regarding their spouse being actively cheating or committing adultery, followed by video or photographic evidence of such events. Most clients  surprisingly appear to already be mentally prepared to receive the bad news, and do not display much emotion, possibly because the Private Investigator is only confirming something they kind of already knew. Other clients break down and cry as they review the evidence and quickly arrange for a divorce or separation.

Below we describe some of the early signs clients inform us about when calling in regards to a suspicious partner.

Initial Gut Feelings

It’s been days, weeks, or months since you’ve been wondering whether your spouse is cheating on you or not. For some, this is one of the hardest moments in their life, and time only makes it worse as the doubts run through their head and, at times, make it impossible to live a normal life. The mind typically drifts into thinking the worse, and some of our clients report lack of sleep, deteriorating health, and an unspeakable amount of stress. You typically have am inexplicable gut feeling that something is not right, be it the tone the person uses to communicate or the time they spend away from you, something just does not fit.   

The Early Signs

You’re starting to notice some things have been different about the way your partner, or reacts to things, and you’re thinking that maybe he or she is cheating on you. Do you believe your thoughts? Or  give your spouse the benefit of the doubt. You’re even starting to think in hiring a Private Investigator to keep an eye on your spouse at this stage. But, it may be too early, maybe it’s nothing.

You constantly notice the red flags (see below) denoting that your spouse is cheating on you. But you’re asking yourself, how do I catch a cheating spouse?  Here are some of the signs that your spouse may show if he or she is cheating:

4 Red Flags Your Spouse is Cheating

Sign #1 – A sudden change in appearance.

Cheating Spouse Investigations NY

You start to notice your husband or wife changed their style in clothing, or starts to exercise often to have a healthier body, it can mean they want to be more attractive to someone other than you.

A change in appearance or style is a good sign that something is up. It goes hand in hand with a sudden change in behavior which is often indicative of the other partner welcoming a change in their lifestyle. Although this isn’t the only sign that we look for, this is typically one of the most obvious.


Sign #2 – Keeps phone hidden from you.


Your spouse uses his or her phone more often than before. They even put a password or pin to lock you out from checking. If you want to know how to catch a cheating spouse on a cellphone, a private investigator can help you with this.

Many times we work cases where a client’s significant uses their phone for a longer period of time than usual. This, coupled with the locking of their phone, hiding the phone, and a new irregular schedule, are some of the common signs that something is not right, and needs further explanation. Some reasons for the increased phone time may be the person texting their new lover, or participating in dating apps.

Although it is illegal to hack another person’s personal devices, surveillance is often a tool used by investigators to uncover the truth in this case.


Sign #3 – Unexplained Expenses.


There are charges in your partner’s credit card that seems odd to you. You can’t explain why they’re buying things … other than their buying it for someone other than you. You even notice that there are airplane tickets that you didn’t know of. And when you ask your spouse about the expense, they get rattled.

Although this is becoming a less common practice, as people become less obvious about their actions, some cheating partners are not careful and purchase items on a regular basis while assuming that their spouses will never go through the bill. Look for airline purchases, room rentals, hotel or motel stays, and irregular trips.  Many times, Private Investigators would travel with the cheating spouse to their destination and set up shop at their hotel for the duration of the getaway.


Sign #4 – Avoids intimacy with you.


Your intimacy with each other seems to decrease. He or she acts angry and preoccupied around the house and avoids having a conversation with you. The partner typically acts more cold, and begins to suddenly talk about separation, coupled with sleeping elsewhere on some evenings. 

This is another one of the most common giveaways that the other person is up to no good. If your partner is coming up with reasons as to why you should separate and spends the evenings at a different location, or arrives home at a later time than usual, call a Private Investigator to discover what the person is doing while away from home. Many times an investigator can bring closure to you, whether your spouse is engaged in cheating or not.

It can be hard to catch a cheating spouse in the act without professional assistance. If you start to notice the above signs you should definitely hire an investigator to gather proof for you. If you’re still not convinced you should hire an investigator as opposed to conducting the investigation yourself, here are some of the reasons why you should:

Private Investigators can save you from further stress

Private Investigators can save you from further stress

It can be emotionally painful and physical tiring to do an investigation yourself. You are biased with what you will observe, and you may conclude right away that your spouse is really cheating on you without much evidence. If you want proof for possible evidence in court, You can’t simply learn how to catch a cheating spouse on the internet, many online sources are inaccurate and people are very smart about hiding their deeds. In addition, the court may not consider your own investigations as evidence since you are a party in the case (speak with an attorney regarding what you can and cannot do in your country or state). To save you from all that stress, let an investigator do all the gathering of evidence for you.

An investigator is unbiased, has all the tools and equipment to gather evidence in a clean and professional way. You will get results depending on how active your partner is while cheating.  

A Private Investigator can legally perform Investigations and catch cheaters

In many countries and states, is not legal to “stalk” your spouse, as you can be invading their privacy, and they can use this against you in the future either by informing the police and pressing charges against you, or hurting your divorce or family court case. A licensed Private Investigator can follow your spouse, conduct the full investigation, and gather information on your behalf. They know how to do it legally, professionally and discreetly. They can provide you with legal evidence that the court can accept and use to assist in your case.

Closing Notes on cheating spouse or infidelity investigations from a Private Investigator

Having worked thousands of cases over a 20 year span, we have found that most infidelity cases we work have a positive outcome, meaning, the person is actually caught engaging in infidelity. This is possibly because by the time we receive a phone-call, most of the evidence has already been gathered by our clients, and the partner is just searching for solid undeniable photographic proof of what is happening.

Do not attempt to do the investigation yourself, as the person you are following is usually careful about their actions as they are aware they are doing something wrong. Many times we receive calls from clients who have been “burned”, meaning busted, during their efforts, and this makes it more difficult for an investigator to obtain results, as the ” cheater ” or subject is now expecting to be surveilled. If you notice some of the signs discussed in this articles, or anything else whatsoever you would like to discuss, contact us and we will initiate a discreet investigation immediately.

A good Private Investigation agency should be able to provide advice and walk you through the best course of action to take prior to initiating the cheating partner’s private investigative services. You will be part of a team, and the Private Investigator will keep you abreast of any and all developments as the investigation is taking place.

Private Detectives Surveillance Investigations

A Private Investigators also referred to as a Private Detective are equipped with video cameras, photo cameras, night vision devices, and other gadgets that give them an advantage over the persons they are investigating. An investigator’s most important asset however, is their experience. Before hiring an investigator for your cases, be sure that they have worked in the field for many years working cheating spouse or partner cases, and that they genuinely care about your case, where they would spend their time speaking with you and carefully understanding your needs.

Experience in the field gives the investigator an advantage as they are able to quickly think on their feet, and handle most unexpected situations, whether the subject of the investigation becomes sensitive and begins to check out the area in case they are being followed, or they simply act in an erratic manner making it more difficult to follow. Be sure to provide the investigator with a good sense of what to expect from the subject so they can be well-prepared.

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