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Manhattan NY Services Offered

  • Accident Investigations
  • Asset Search
  • Background Checks
  • Business to business service
  • Cheating Spouse
  • Child Custody

  • Civil Investigations
  • Computer and Internet Investigations
  • Criminal
  • Custody Investigations
  • Divorce service

  • Domestic
  • Financial and Insurance Fraud
  • Find People
  • Forensic consultant
  • Fraud
  • Harassment and Stalking

  • Identity Theft & Vehicle Tracking
  • Infidelity and Cheating Spouse
  • Insurance Investigations
  • Interviewing (SIU)
  • Matrimonial
  • Missing Persons & Skip Tracing

  • Private investigator
  • Process server
  • Social Media
  • Surveillance
  • Worker's Compensation

Private Investigator and Process Server in Manhattan, NY

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Manhattan NY Private Investigator and Process Server

Manhattan, or commonly called as “the City” or New York, NY, is the most densely populated of the five boroughs of New York City, and can be one of the most challenging for performing mobile investigations. Private Investigations in Manhattan NY require a special set of experienced investigators, as there are many options for the subject being followed to travel, such as trains, public buses, Ubers and yellow cabs.  There is often a heavy amount of foot and vehicular traffic in certain areas of Manhattan, therefore, we take special care in pre-planning all possible options.

Conducting investigations in Manhattan NY involves following the subject into stores, bars, hotels and places of business to confirm activities. We are also hired to conduct mobile surveillance of subjects from the local airports, such as JFK and LaGuardia, and track the subject into their Manhattan hotels.

Popular Services Offered By Manhattan Private Investigators

Manhattan Private Investigators offer many useful and unique services, from personal background checks, insurance investigations or marital or infidelity inquiries. If you are in need of a background check, or need to gather evidence for trial preparation, a Manhattan private investigator can be your best friend.

Infidelity is one of the most popular reasons people hire Private Investigators in Manhattan, NY. So how do you catch a cheating spouse? Private Investigators have different “tricks of the trade” or methods to get you the best results. They may even help you with catching a spouse cheating on a computer or via their phone.

In many instances, Manhattan Private Investigations are done on a computer. Details are obtained via background searches, such as phone records, criminal records, or social networking. A Private Investigator is experienced in finding and analyzing facts in different situations, which include personal, legal, and financial cases. They offer other services like verifying an individual’s background, insurance fraud, employment verifications, and the investigation of investment groups to protect a client against fraud and other potential criminal activities.

As the demand for investigations in Manhattan increases, Private Investigation jobs are becoming to be one of the desirable careers. The average cost of an investigation in Manhattan NY can be higher than the outer boroughs due to the fact that multiple agents are often needed to perform the job, as well as the expenses that are incurred by the Private Investigator NYC.

Civil Investigations

Civil investigations require a New York city private investigator to gather evidence for trial involving and can span a variety of cases including domestic surveillance, workers compensation, asset searches, missing persons, and others. The investigators typically receive feedback from attorneys, associates or the individuals who hire them  in order to obtain the precise information required. Attorneys usually request  background checks, court record checks and a criminal history report along with their civil investigations.


Surveillance is utilized by a Manhattan private investigator to search for missing persons, insurance fraud, marital or infidelity investigations, worker compensation cases, corporate fraud, and more.

Insurance Investigations

Insurance fraud and insurance-related cases are becoming a problem these days, causing an increase in insurance premiums. Manhattan private investigators make it a point that cases like these are solved to meet the requirements of their clients. Investigators utilize surveillance, records research, and interviews to look into health, car, home, life, and workers compensation insurance fraud.

Corporate Investigations

Corporate investigations are focused on businesses and corporations and can involve verifying the legitimacy of a business partner. Manhattan private investigator also looks into loss or theft of proprietary information, identifying the potential of a damaged reputation. Manhattan is one of the growing and popular boroughs of New York City, and it is common to have cases like these. Business is growing and at times, businessmen tend to do whatever it takes for their company to be on top. The service of a private investigator is crucial to uncover the truth behind their mysterious growth.

Domestic Investigations

Domestic investigation includes surveillance, security, background checks, divorce investigations, infidelity, drug abuse, physical or sexual abuse, and child custody. A private investigator provides information, records, and surveillance for issues affecting families.

Manhattan is growing, and a lot of interesting cases surface each day. Lawyers and different individuals may not be able to accomplish or do their own investigations due to time constraints and other reasons. The service of a private investigator is needed to help in solving cases, including crimes. It is also good to know that solving cases is faster, efficient, and more convenient with the help of an experienced Private Investigator in Manhattan.


Other Areas

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How can I become a Private Detective in Manhattan?

Becoming a P.I. in Manhattan requires a lot of familiarity in the borough. The targets you will be following in Manhattan as a Private Investigator will have many options as far as their mode of travel, they can quickly jump on a cab upon exiting the building, be picked up by an Uber around the corner, or simply enter the subway.

How much do private investigator services in New York, NY cost?

Prices for Private Investigators in New York vary depending on how many agents are needed, the tools necessary to complete the investigation, and how many hours of work would be necessary. The hourly rate for an investigation company in NYC varies by company, and ranges from approximately 75 to 150 per hour, however, most companies provide a packaged deal depending on your specific case. Background checks cost anywhere from 150-650 initially and if there is field work needed, the price can greatly increase. Fieldwork is sometimes necessary in order to verify the information obtained, and for record retrieval.

How do private investigators work?

Private Investigators conduct many type of investigations and inquiries to assist their clients. PIs are hired for the purpose of following a target, verifying employment information, running background checks, and assisting with hacked technology, such as cellphones.

Conducting Private Investigations in Manhattan New York City

BEST-RATED Private Investigator in Manhattan NYC | Manhattan’s top PIs | Private Detective

Manhattan New York also known as New York, New York is the most densely populated of the five boroughs in New York City. It is host to some very well known venues such as the United Nation’s Headquarters, the New York Stock Exchange, and the Empire State Building.

Private investigators who conduct investigations in Manhattan are well aware of the fact that no other location in New York is comparable to working there. Being a successful investigator in Manhattan requires experience, familiarity with the city, and quick thinking.

There are many challenges that Manhattan private investigators face on a day-to-day basis while performing investigative services, which include transportation, crowded areas, and large buildings among others.


Manhattan offers the target many different options for transportation. Upon exiting the location, the target may board a taxi, also known as a yellow cab, take an Uber, train, public buses, be picked up by an associate, or a combination of these. If an investigator follows the target on foot, the target may change their mind at any time and quickly jump into a cab creating the high possibility of losing sight of them. These scenarios should be discussed carefully with the client and at least a two person private investigative team is recommended in order to mitigate the chances of losing sight of the target.

Pedestrian Traffic

When performing investigative services in Manhattan, private investigators are aware that there are times when targets are unsure about where they are going. They may be lost, looking for someone, or attempting to confirm or evade surveillance efforts. The target may weave in and out of crowds, walk at different paces, enter and exit several stores and buildings while on foot, and make unexpected and sometimes illegal driving maneuvers while in their vehicle. The investigator must stay focused on the target during the investigative process, while at the same time avoid being noticed. And being aware of their safety as well as the persons around them.

Manhattan Buildings

BEST-RATED Private Investigator in Manhattan NYC | Manhattan’s top PIs | Private Detective

Large buildings can also pose a challenge for investigators. Many buildings offer multiple exits, especially those located in the lower section of Manhattan. The private investigator must have a clear image of the target and it helps to know what they may be wearing in their day and other factors such as whether the target wears shades, hats, or any other clothing items which may partially conceal their identity. While conducting investigations in large buildings, investigators typically arrive early and remain in contact with the client for any clues or updates on the status of the target. The challenge of multiple building exits can be minimized by focusing on the lobby area of the building.


Overall, conducting private investigative services in Manhattan can be very challenging without the proper preparations. Consult with your private investigator and be sure to go over any and all scenarios you may encounter so that you can be well prepared and your investigation can have the best chance of being a successful one.

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